Talking posters

May 14, 2009

Interesting Article from the excellent (though slightly overwhelming at times*) Brand Republic site.

Talking advertising posters could be put into development in the near future, with the development of speakers made out of paper, suitable for thin devices such as LCD screens.

Rolls of paper speakers have already been produced by a research company in Taiwan and the group’s engineers say they will be used in cars starting from next year.

Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute is planning to introduce the new technology with a three-story-high banner than can play music at an upcoming exhibition in Taipei.

The researchers aim to be able to mass produce standard poster-size speakers at $20 each.

The company hopes the technology will also attract film companies wanting to produce posters with a soundtrack or excerpts from the movie.

Bill Wilson, the Outdoor Advertising Association’s operations director, said the low cost of the speakers would make the technology attractive to media owners: “I assume media owners would be very interested if the technology allows for cost-efficient delivery.”

Wilson warned that media owners who embrace such technology would have to tackle issues such as noise levels and location.

Would be nice to combine this with motion sensors or rfid readers for a Minority Report style experience.

For a more hi-tech version of interactive posters/shop windows see: or

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