May 19, 2009

I like the idea of crowdsourcing, why use your own brain when you have access to everyone else’s!

OpenAd and CrowdSpring are becoming more and more popular with clients. Post your brief, get sent loads of ideas then pick your favourite!

Mixx has launched an interesting section of it’s site:

User-driven social media website Mixx is offering marketers a chance to trial their online ads against its top members for peer-reviewed feedback before launching ‘the big spend’.

Advertisers, such as Orange, can upload up to five creative executions in Sifter at a time, where over the course of a week, Mixx users rank the overall content on a scale of one to five.

Users also provide qualitative feedback for the ads, their likes and dislikes, while advertisers receive the data along with the gender, age and general interest snapshot of those who voted.

It would be nice to think this could result in a ‘Ruby on Rails’ type development approach to advertising. 37 Signals (Ruby on Rails founders) are famed for delivering short bursts of code onto the web, which might not be completely finished, which lets their userbase define where development should head next.

Finally bragster (though not technically a crowdsourcing site) lets you setup dares with its online community. Tango did a fun bet recently turning their logo upside down.

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