August 26, 2009

I worked on a project at Cadburys World where you can get your photo moulded into chocolate. It would have been wonderfully narcissistic to have been able to eat a statuette of yourself, but due to technology limitations we had to make to with putting photos of people onto a wall of chocolatey fame and letting people buy fridge magnets and badges of their chocolate visage from the gift shop (skip to 3.50 minutes into the following video).

However at Exeter University they are trying to build a 3D chocolate printer (that is, a printer that prints out chocolate models, not a printer made out of chocolate!)

“This machine is effectively a novel 3D chocolate printer that can produce chocolate products exactly as a 3D model designed in your own computer. Imagine you could draw a 3D ‘face’ model of someone or extract it from a personal photo, send it to the 3D printer and watch it grow in front of you from chocolate.”

Apparently taste and smell emotionally affects people 75% more than any other sense. Various brands have started doing some really cool experiences using taste and smell. Thorntons made an edible billboard and during an advert for suncream Nivea pumped the smell of suntan lotion into the cinema.

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