Angry House

November 26, 2009

Angry House was an interactive, performance-based installation created for The Big Chill multi media festival. The house looked like a wooden, cute backyard playhouse, appearing innocent and calm. It sat in on a manicured piece of land, surrounded by trees. It had the appearance of innocence and calm. When no one was around, the house slept… all was quiet, except for the wind chimes hanging above the door.

“I enjoyed the enduring enthusiasm of the team as they helped me create my Angry House for the Big Chill Festival. When things got tough, the team pitched in with good humour and delivered creative software solutions under difficult circumstances.” David Bickerstaff — Artist & Founder, AtomicTV

But the house was sentient. It knew when someone approached and from what direction. Proximity sensors embedded in the front of the house, detected the distance and movement of visitors. As they got closer, the house stirred, getting angrier, it growled and the door banged from inside. Sometimes, a bright light shot out of the small windows, projecting shadowy figures onto the adjacent trees. The house appeared to be alive and active, attracting attention with its internal, flickering light and nightmarish chimes. The Angry House was always locked and visitors could never go in, but curious folk could always peer through the windows at the dark secret within… Needless to say when we finished the project in our warehouse, switched the lights out and turned the house on, none of us wanted to get close to it!

Software project management, UX

1 month. Completed in 2008

Team size
Project manager, UX, 2xDevelopers, 2xInstall crew

PR stunt

Design process
Concepting, user testing, design refinements

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