Audi A4 USB

November 26, 2009

I designed and built the interface for the Audi A4 USB project which included five minutes of video and many interactive features to show off and explain the design, the engine, the lights, the interior, the grille and the chassis of the new Audi A4.

“It is a tough act to follow the many memorable car marketing initiatives… the campaign, with its video and interactive content oozes class and innovation, living up to Audi’s reputation.” Paul Handley, MD of Rhythmm in Marketing magazine

The biggest challenge was to strike the perfect balance between including the best possible video and setting it into the kind of highly polished interface that the first-rate brand identity of Audi demands. With the video taking up 42MB of the 64MB of space available on the USB, I used a combination of authoring software knowledge along with intelligently selective compression and inspired optical illusion to force each and every byte of the spare capacity to yield incredible value.

The A4 USB is a highly desirable object. Branded with the Audi name and logo it extended Audi’s brand values over another new platform, reinforcing its reputation as the UK’s most innovative car brand whilst providing extensive exclusive information about the new A4 to a hand picked audience.

“That’s what we are looking to achieve every time – create stories.” Gary Savage, Head of Marketing, Audi UK

The USB Sticks were direct mailed to a selected database of customers and prospects in a stylish black box. This was the first time USB keys had been direct mailed in the UK with such sophisticated content to promote a new product.

Software project management, UX, design and development

2 weeks. Completed in 2005

Team size
2xProject managers, Designer, UX, 2xDevelopers

Branded USB stick

Design process
UX and visual design, user testing, design refinements

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