Audi TV

November 26, 2009

Audi TV

Initially Audi’s internal communications came in the form of monthly VHS-based business updates. Owing to the size of the dealer network however, this became a cumbersome and difficult to monitor method of communication. As a solution to these difficulties, I helped develop an online, intranet-driven communication platform. With video and synchronised slides available online within 24 hours of filming, Audi TV allows the brand to deliver the “Audi Experience” to customers by bringing all Centres on side and to deploy training and sales information across Audi’s new extranet. Audi TV revolutionised the ability of Audi UK to keep their dealers informed.

“Audi TV provides me with communication across the network with a very fast turnaround. It means I can deliver a direct, undiluted message to all the dealers while the information is still totally fresh and topical. What’s more, by combining the video message with sales figures and product information, the message is far more accessible and impactful than a straightforward e-mail. It’s also a highly contemporary medium – and that sits well with the Audi brand. The results – in terms of traffic on the extranet and improved sales performance, have already been impressive.” Allan Rushforth, Head of Operations, Audi UK

Audi TV contains archives of past broadcasts, feedback options and a fully functioning discussion board. I designed the site and managed the production of the web broadcasts; which included building slides, synchronising video content to these slides and rigorous cross platform testing.

UX, design and development

6 weeks. Then monthly broadcasts through 2003-06

Team size
2xProject managers, 2xDesigners, UX, 4xDevelopers


Design process
UX and visual design, user testing, design refinements

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