Living Autopsy

November 26, 2009

The Living Autopsy, created for BBC3’s Make My Body Younger programme, was filmed live in one take to build up the shock factor of the contributors. Each contributor was hooked up to a heart rate monitor. As the person’s heart beat faster and faster in real life the animations projected onto their chests beat faster and faster to match the heartbeat.

“Forget those NHS adverts, any young binge drinker should be made to watch this programme…” The Times

MRI scans and X-Rays were carried out on each contributor so that the projections on their chests would be anatomically accurate. The contributor’s body elements could be aged dynamically at any time, showing what the their heart looked like as it aged, or what their lungs looked like as they filled with smoke.

Software project management, UX

3 months of pre production then 1 weekend per TV programme. Completed in 2008

Team size
Creative Director, Project manager, Designer, UX, 2xDevelopers, 2xInstall crew

Live projection system, Heart rate monitoring system

Design process
Interaction audit, user testing, design refinements

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