Volkswagen Business Forum

November 26, 2009

The Volkswagen Business Forum delivers consistent and coherent messages to the geographically dispersed Retail network and to staff at Head Office. Fortnightly broadcasts are filmed, edited and encoded. The video footage is backed up by facts, figures and graphics to achieve maximum impact and value as a communication tool, then streamed the following day to Retailers.

The site is secure and measurable – with online reports available to show how many people are accessing each area, who they are and when they are viewing. I managed the site and the production of the webchats, discussion forum, product launches and web broadcasts; this included building slides, synchronising video content to these slides and rigorous cross platform testing.

Software project management, UX, design and development

6 weeks. Then monthly broadcasts through 2004-06

Team size
2xProject managers, 2xDesigners, UX, 4xDevelopers


Design process
UX and visual design, user testing, design refinements

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