Cyber Seaside

November 27, 2009

The Cyber Seaside is a 4×3 meter interactive floor that invites visitors to learn through fun and pull their ecological weight by playing four interactive games. The Cyber Seaside uses over 2GB of lifelike graphics taken directly from British beaches.

“We wanted to make the site more interactive so that our visitors can spend longer exploring, playing and discovering new things. The new Discovery Zone uses the latest technology and will be really lively, entertaining our visitors but also helping them find out more about penguin behaviour and marine pollution.” Elaine Lambert — Director, Living Coasts

Jump up and down on the enormous interactive floor to clean the beach full of virtual litter, stomp around fishing nets to uncover trapped animals, clean up an oil slick to release trapped penguins or fight against invading seaweed! Children love this exhibit as there is an instant interaction as things can happen under their feet even when they are standing still.

Project management, UX, Design, Install

3 months. Completed in 2008

Team size
Creative Director, Project manager, 2xDesigners, UX, 2xDevelopers, 2xInstall crew

Interactive floor

Design process
Interaction audit, concepting, UX and visual design, user testing, design refinements