The Airwave

April 2, 2010

In order to help Audi UK celebrate their 100 year anniversary at the 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed I helped produce a holographic video screen displaying a timeline of Audi history spanning 100 years.

The holographic video screen allows users to explore the history of the Audi brand from its initial conception in 1909 through to the current day. Users wave their hands to scroll through the timeline and stop at points of interest which presented them with content relating to the Audi brand at that time. This was a Holopro projection screen which gave the user the impression that they were engaging with thin air.

With this event we had little control of the lighting and the flow of visitors. Consequently the developers had to create a piece of tracking software that was as flexible as possible so the install crew could quickly calibrate and adjust the tracking algorithm.

Software project management, UX

4 weeks. Completed in 2009

Team size
Creative Director, Project manager, 2xDesigners, 2xUX, Developer, 2xInstall crew

Gestural interface

Design process
Interaction audit, competitor research, concepting, UX and visual design, user testing, design refinements