Energy Density

March 2, 2010

CERN wanted a way of teaching children about particle collision in a fun and engaging way. So I created the user experience behind Energy Density, a set of three dual language interactive stations that let users recreate their own particle collisions!

Through three levels (plus one secret bonus level), users can collide particles to fill the Standard Model with the 16 known and theoretical particles that make up our universe. Users spin a physical dial to increase energy levels and create collisions. Real time generative graphics recreate some of the visual outputs that are seen in the real Large Hadron Collider.

If users can spin the dial fast enough, they reveal facts about each particle in the Standard Model – all the way up to the theoretical Higgs Boson particle.

Software project management, UX, Development, Install

1 month. Completed in 2009

Team size
Creative Director, Project manager, 2xUX, 2xDevelopers, 2xInstall crew

3xKiosks connected to physical dials

Design process
Interaction audit, concepting, UX and visual design, user testing, design refinements